All GARA matches with the exception of the Island Games Qualification matches will be run in conjunction with the GARA constitution and Competition Regulations.




GARA Match

If a match is scheduled to start at the published time of 7:30pm this is when the match will start, as the GARA rules do not follow the ISSF current regulations the time allowed for the match INCLUDES any sighting shots 

Until 19:30 – You may place your equipment on the Firing Point when ready and dry fire

After 19:30 – You may start your match sighters and commence match when ready, the match times will vary according to the GARA Rules


GARA Island Games Qualification Match

Call to Line - 19.00 – This means you are allowed to place your equipment (including Air Rifle/Air Pistol) on your Firing Point

Start of Prep Time - 19.15 – This means you may commence sighting shots but NO Competition cards may be shot

MATCH START - 19.30 – No more sighters are allowed, you must send your first Competition card forward and commence the match on the Range Officers Command

MATCH ENDS - 21.00  – a 10 and 5 minute warning will be given by the Range Officer prior to this time

For matches starting at other times, the details timings will be shown against the event in the Events Calendar.